three more are off

Apr 29, 2013

three more are off

On Sunday we attended three missionary farewells. Three! Two of them are Worldviews students from last year and one of them is the oldest brother (of 10!) of one of our favorite families. I still can’t believe we are to this stage of life when our children’s friends are leaving home. I will miss these youth so, so much.

Another of my Worldviews students leaves in six short weeks. She will be serving her mission in California. I am grateful for the year I had to spend with these students studying various religions, cultures, and perspectives that are different from our own. I think it will be quite helpful to them on their missions and throughout their lives.

After the three farewells, two of the boys hosted a huge get-together for their friends and family and even though the wind was ferocious and the temperatures were a little too cold to be comfortable, we had a wonderful time feasting on delicious food and precious friendships.

Dustin on the left – going to Guatemala and Morgan on the right (going to Peru).

Annesley and Fisher having fun on the tire swing.

Annes poking people with her super-long stick.

Group hug with lots of sad faces over how much we will miss these awesome boys.

Lots more smiles this time around.

Goodbye Elders…serve well.

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  1. Kate

    I almost cried looking at those pictures. Waaaaah! My wittle bruver is so big and he’s leaving! I’m freaking out a little. Not as much as Morgan, but still freaking.

    • tracy

      Yes, none of us can believe these two are old enough to leave and head to foreign lands! How has this happened!?! I love that sweet brother of yours so much and will miss him. I am also so, so grateful for his growth and his testimony of the Savior…what a powerful talk he gave on Sunday!