my poor hip

May 1, 2013

So, about six weeks ago (or was it longer?) I had a spiritual prompting to seek the advice and/or care of a physical therapist. I was a wee bit shocked at this prompting because physical therapists are known to really mess up both labral tears and people with connective tissue disorders because they apply their normal hip techniques and those things just don’t work for those of us in the super-stretchy club. So, I started researching and asking questions and trying to figure out who I would trust with my hip. I finally found a therapist I felt good about and we started emailing back and forth. I really liked what he wrote to me – he answered all my questions and seemed to have an excellent grasp of Ehlers-Danlos and what he could and could not do to help me.

So, I scheduled an appointment for his first opening on the 15th of May and requested they call me if there was a cancellation. Last week they called and I shouted with glee at my bounteous blessings.

My first appointment was nothing like I expected. I thought he would have me doing exercises and range of motion stuff. Instead he put his hand down my pants and worked on the soft tissue surrounding my hip socket.

Boy howdy, was that painful. I didn’t scream or anything, but I did wince. A lot. He found tons of scar tissue. He quickly discovered my ovary is surrounded by it and is adhered to my pelvic wall. He found my pubic bone recessed and tilted and giving no support to my hip socket. My sacrum was way too tight and hip socket was WAY too loose (no surprise there since it can dislocate when I roll over in bed). So he worked on all those things and helped them manuever back into their correct places.

I had to carry ice packs around with me for the rest of the day to help with the inflammation, but was doing much better by the next day. Still sore, but I didn’t need ice packs.

Fast forward to today’s appointment. This time I screamed. He worked on my ovary again to loosen the adhesions to the pelvic wall. Super painful. He worked on the inguinal ligament and I about died. Then he worked on the pubic bone and this is when I screamed. It was sticking up and getting in the way of my hip’s rotation. So, he decided to push it back into place with lots of pressure and contortions of my leg. Oh, my. I needed a friend there to hold my hand. Then he worked on the adductor muscles to help the pubic symphysis stay in place.

He told me to get an SI belt and now one is on its way to my house. He also really wants to figure out a way for me to get more prolozone injections, minus the procaine, of course. I don’t know what to think of that idea. Part of me is scared to death of ever having a seizure again and part of me knows I have to figure out a way to give this hip more stability and the only way anyone knows how to do that is with prolozone. So, I am doing more research and evaluating all the different cocktails that are out there.

Jeremy, the physical therapist, feels strongly that all this damage in my hip is from the car accident I had at 40 weeks pregnant with Fisher. My pubic symphysis snapped at that time and my uterine ligaments tore and my pelvis has been in terrible shape ever since, but until this labral tear injury I really believed I was okay. God worked a mighty big miracle to get Annesley here and while I have always known that, I am coming to see His power more and more as we delve further into the sad shape of my anatomy.

I spent the afternoon icing my abdomen and hip while doing math with Kez and Fisher and tonight I felt well enough to drive the girls to ballet. I will ice again here in a little bit and then hope to be up and out of bed tomorrow.

I wish we had some magic laser technology that could go inside me and clean up all the scar tissue, tighten the ligaments, put all the bones where they go, and then wrap it all up in happy juice so I could go back to my active life. Until then I will keep trying to figure out how to heal this crazy hip.

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  1. Tasha L.

    Wow. What an ordeal. We’ll keep praying for you!

  2. Debbie

    There are lasers that people use to help with healing. Dr. Todd Reese has one as I’m sure do other chiropracters. I know it’s helped my knees with inflamation. Don’t know any happy juice though. Sounds like you are at least getting some good therapy. Hugs!

    • tracy

      Yeah, I have used those lasers before, they are amazing stuff. I think I need an upgraded model though to fix this hip!

  3. Besides the pain Jeremy puts you through, it seems that he does know maybe what to do? I’ll keep praying for the Happy Juice.

    • tracy

      I think he does know what he is doing, but boy, howdy, it is taking a LOT of trust on my part to let him hurt me this much. I mean, what if he damages something further? What if my pubic bone breaks? What if I try more prolozone and start having seizures again. It is all so, so messy and I am so, so done with the whole thing. I want to sit with my family at dinner and church. I want to ride my bike and run around the yard. I want to take a step without thinking about what my hip is doing and if I am twisting it too much. I want to stop hurting. I want to have a baby. And maybe, just maybe this is the answer. I certainly was prompted to find a physical therapist. So I did it. God gets to lead the way.

  4. Liz

    I loved your imagery with “happy juice”…..those ideas are so powerful and Tracy you have tremendous personal power and you love your little body and your little body loves you…… “with Father in Heaven, you are certainly a majority”– I am reminded of the historical Mormon story about the little boy shot through the hip at Haun’s mill massacre and the miraculous healing he experienced. Bless you and as always, hip hip hurray to you. :)

  5. Tracy,

    I’ve been thinking of the swimming camp you homeschoolers attend each summer. Is it possible to get on board with this? Where can I learn more about it? I’ve looked and looked for something like this closer to me, but haven’t been able to find anything close. I’d LOVE to attend if I may.

    • tracy


      Oh my heck! How fun would that be! Tami is coming from Australia and Camille is coming from Utah. Do you know KeeNan, Tami’s best friend from high school? She is coming as well and so is Boo, Tami’s good friend from Colorado who now lives in California. Right now all the swimming lesson spots are full, but I think I have camping spots. I am hoping to finish camping assignments finished today and can let you know if I have room for you!

    • tracy


      I have a camping spot for you! How many children would you want in lessons? I can add you to the waiting list as soon as I know. The registration form is on the ifamily website at

      • I have 3 children that I would want in the lessons. Age 7, 5, and 4. Oh I would LOVE to come! What week is it?

        • Tracy, on the registration I put that we’d be there to camp that Monday night, but I’m going to stay with a local friend that night and we’ll come on Tuesday. :o)

          • tracy

            Okay, sounds good! I am so stinkin’ excited about you coming! Do you want to get in on a meal sharing group with either Tami or me? We are in two different food groups. Tami’s might be better for you because ours is gluten-free.

          • Oh great! Yes, I still would like to come. Even if one or two of them can get in for the lesson, I’d be happy, but either way, count me in!

        • tracy

          May 28 – June 1 are the dates. Lessons start at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

          • Yes, a meal plan would be great! We can do gluten free too. We’ve dabbled into that a bit, so either way. Maybe get me in touch with Tami and I can coordinate something with her. So, will you let me know if there are spots open for swimming? I haven’t paid on pay pal yet because I’m waiting to hear back if there is room for my kids for lessons.

          • tracy

            I will let you know on swimming lessons. Do you want to come even if you can’t get into lessons?

          • Can my kids still swim? I just know if they can’t swim, they would bawl! :o)

          • tracy

            Swimming lessons are from 8 – 12 and only those in lessons are allowed in the pool at that time. At 12:00 the pool opens for public swim and stays open till 10 p.m., so they can get in 10 hours of swim time each day.