ducks are good for the soul

Jun 7, 2013

Annesley has been waiting to feed the ducks for weeks now and finally, tonight was the night. Richard had a booth at a Holistic Health Expo located right across from the river so the little ones and I hung out with the ducks and fed them frozen peas. None of the big geese were interested in our peas, but the baby ducklings gobbled them right up. We walked up and down the riverbank finding all the duckling families.

After Richard was done with his booth, we brought him over to see the three duck families we had made friends with, one with six babies, one with four, and one with five. Unfortunately they had all disappeared – probably to their nests for the night – but Annesley made up all sorts of stories about what had happened to her little ducklings.

We walked by the river for a while telling the children about this special night for our family – June 7 is the anniversary of our first date – and they asked all sorts of questions about our dates through the years and were shocked that that first date was twenty years ago. Twenty years seems like eternity to a five and eight year old.

What a lovely evening. Walking by the river with my sweetie was just what I needed after this long, emotionally draining week.

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  1. Anne

    Wait. I didn’t realize this was a long, emotionally draining week. I could hear it in your voice, but you didn’t tell me anything about it. Remember several times when we spoke on the phone I kept asking you, “Are you OK? Are you sure you’re OK. Your words are saying one thing, but your voice is saying quite another.” What’s going on sweet girl?

    • tracy

      Can’t really talk about it and yes, I figured you could hear it in my voice, because I can’t hide things at all. Thank you for caring and loving and supporting. Love you mama.