trying to get ready for fall

Aug 22, 2013

trying to get ready for fall

Miss Cutie-Patootie went to a birthday party last week and wanted to wear something super-cute from her new stack of hand-me-down clothes. Then she asked me to take pictures…she is so funny! She loves her picture being taken.


Are you all busy with back-to-school shopping? We sure have been. My Fisher has grown like a weed this summer and all his pants are 2-4 inches too short. A few days ago I hit the thrift store in town and got him a whole new wardrobe of shirts for about $2 a piece, some new gym pants, and two lovely sweaters. I still need to find him some jeans, khakis, and a new church suit, but it seems the thrift store pants for boys are pretty worn out by the time they get there.

We are also stocking up on our favorite composition notebooks, pens & pencils, our FIAR (Five-In-A-Row) books for the year, lots of WWII books for my upcoming Hero Project class, Shakespeare stuff for Keziah, and getting the school room ready for our learning adventures. It is a lot of work, but oh, so much fun to get everything organized for a new year and to watch my children pour over their supplies.

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  1. Anne

    Oh, my goodness, Annes. You are growing up! You look so adorable!!! Hugs!

  2. Kate

    Wow, she looks like Blythe in that picture. I always thought she looked more like Keziah. Hug that adorable munchkin for me.

    • tracy

      Oh my goodness, you are right! She does look like Blythe there! Everyone always says she is my mini-me, but right there she surely looks like Blythearoo.

      What are you doing with yourself now that school is out? What is your next big adventure?

  3. What a cutie!!

    • tracy

      Oh Sally! It is so good so “see” you here! How are you? Are you settling in down in Cedar? Are you guys all better or still under the weather. I just love you.