are we back in business for realsy?

Oct 1, 2013

Two weeks without a blog is a long time for this girlie to go without processing through writing. Yes, I could have written in my commonplace book. Yes, I could have grabbed any old sheet of paper and poured my heart out on to the page, but I didn’t.

Now I can access this site with my iPad, but it still isn’t coming up on my desktop and the folks over at google say WOK is still infected with malware, so most of you probably won’t be able to read this anyway, but it feels so good for my fingers to fly across my keyboard and get some words onto the screen.

While my blog was sick with all sorts of infectious garbage, we celebrated Fisher’s birthday, got a haircut, finished Keziah’s bed, passed out several times in the most unflattering of ways, had a visit from Oaklyn, Easton, Mikelle, and Grandma, celebrated Kez’s birthday early with garlic fries at Red Robin, had a ferocious windstorm that blew many a branch of our trees, went to several XC races – some in lovely weather and some in freezing wind, read lots of books, fixed the dishwasher, fixed the dryer (Yes, my husband came to the rescue with cheapo parts and the help of youtube. How did we live without the internet? Oh, yes, we paid repairmen far more than necessary!), tried out an Elliptigo, and spent a fortune in gas.

I may find the time to go back and blog about those events, but most likely I won’t. Though the dryer story will knock your socks off…maybe I should share that one. And Fisher’s birthday does need recording for posterity, right? I’ll see if I can at least share those two stories once my desktop can access this site and upload photos.

This week we have Keziah’s birthday, a big lecture on the German invasion of Europe and a discussion on The Hiding Place and the holocaust in my Hero Project youth class, an adult discussion on Nothing To Envy, apple picking at the Honey Crisp orchard, maybe some potato gleaning, and General Conference this weekend. Somehow I need to fit in physical therapy, youth symphony rehearsals, XC practice, Pack Meeting, gymnastics, laundry, and cooking.

Hmmm. Guess, I better get up and at it. My little ones are waking and it is time to start our school day.

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  1. Melissa Lombardo

    Yeah for being back up! I’ve been patiently waiting.

    • tracy

      Melissa, can you get on without the malware warning? I am still getting a malware warning from google on my desktop, but not on my iPad. By the way, your books are still sitting here! Eeek! I promise to get them in the mail very soon.