close your eyes, blinding shoes approaching

Oct 28, 2013

After searching all over town for some shoes that will work for my still healing foot and my always healing hip, I have found the pair I will be spending the next many months in.


Yes, they are hot pink. And lime green. And flourescent orange. They are loud. I found a really muted pair I loved, but after wearing them last week at iFamily I knew they wouldn’t work. The steel plate inside made them super stiff, which is great for my bones, but felt like I was walking on concrete. I nearly died of the pain in my non-broken foot. So no go on those ones. Several pairs of shoes later I found these and so far they are feeling great.

Anything is better than a boot, right? Even a super loud, super fun pair of super stiff shoes that look ridiculous with my Sunday clothes?

I’m sure the people at church yesterday (the ones who don’t know my story) thought I was an absolute goofball!

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  1. Kate

    I think you just need to modify your entire wardrobe to match. Then nobody would even notice your feet. :)

    • tracy

      I think they look super fun with jeans and don’t even feel a need to match them. On the days I do want to match, I have lots of fun pink stuff that even matches. BUT HOW CAN ANYONE NOT NOTICE NEON GREEN AND PINK RUNNING SHOES WITH A DRESS, HAHA!

      I am embracing my fun and flashy side!

  2. Mindy

    Totally cute. :)

    • tracy

      Thanks Mindy, I adore them…except in a dress!