popcorn is back

Oct 13, 2013

Oh, I love me some popcorn. I have a big 22 qt. pan that we use as our popcorn pan and we fill it up and eat it many an afternoon to get through study time. I have been out of popcorn for weeks due to no grocery budget for the past month or so. Richard finally got paid (no check from the school district since June and our set aside funds have been running very low) so we went grocery shopping! Wahoo! Popcorn for me again. This afternoon Keziah popped me up a big pan and I settled in to do some genealogy with my buttery & salty mess of deliciousness.

My favorite ways of eating:

  • butter and REAL salt
  • olive oil and REAL salt
  • coconut oil, butter, and Dr. Bronner’s magic (is that what it is Tasha?)

Lots of times our friends, the Lamoreaux family, will bring me over a big bag of their popcorn just to tell me they love me. Their version is the third one up there and trust me, it is heaven!

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  1. We are diehard popcorn fans too. Our standard fare is butter, sea salt and nutritional yeast flakes. Sometimes we get fancy and add Parmesan cheese (real) and dried dill. Yuuuuum!

    I’m curious, what does your afternoon study time look like for the various ages in your family?

    • tracy

      I finish up learning time with my littles around 1:00 and then we have lunch. My study time is from 1:30 – 3:30. The two little children play outside, do art projects, build things, listen to stories, play board games, etc. My two big girls study from about 9:00 a.m. to bedtime with little breaks for meals, ballet, and XC. They have really full school days because we only have learning time three days a week due to iFamily and gymnastics.

      We like nutritional yeast too!