wee bit better

Jan 19, 2014

I am feeling quite a bit better this morning. When I get up to walk to the bathroom, my hip and pelvis feel pretty stable and sitting on the toilet isn’t as excruciating as it was on Friday night, so I think progress is being made.

But boy, howdy, sometimes when I roll on my side, it feels like the two halves of my pubic bone slide into each other and the resultant nerve pain has me shrieking. Then Richard rolls me onto my back and it settles down somewhat. I should just stay on my back, but it is not at all comfortable to lay flat on my back for hours (days?) at a time. Even though I have always thought they were crazy, I think one of those adjustable beds would be really helpful at times like this. If I could read or sleep or eat comfortably, I might be happy as a clam, but since I can’t get into any position that makes my body happy, I am a bit of a grumpaluffagus, kind of weepy and irritated and frustrated by the whole thing.

I want to use this time to read all my WUBA books or get some genealogy done, but I haven’t figured out how to be comfortable enough to let my mind focus on what I am doing instead of on the pain. Any suggestions? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

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  1. So, my dear Tracy, I am so worried about you. Truly, you are my hero. This song has brought me a lot of peace and maybe you will enjoy it too. At least, it will give you something to do as you battle your pain today. Watch the first link, and then watch the second link where Nathan explains why he wrote the song. Great, inspirational stuff. Music always helps me endure. I love you!



    • tracy

      Jana, I love that song! Thank you for sharing it. I love you so, so much. Don’t worry, this will heal or if not, I will still be okay. God is with me.