eat your enemies

Feb 15, 2014

I spend quite a bit of time in bed. Even on good days…my hips just can’t handle being upright all the time. This week I have been in bed since Wednesday and have heard lots of hilarious conversations. Here is one from today.

Annesley: God said you should eat your enemies. (giggle, giggle!)

Fisher: No, God said love your enemies.

Annesley: Why should you love your enemies?

Fisher: Because that is what Jesus said.

Annesley: But that is soooooooo HHHHAAAARRRRRDDDDDD!

Fisher: Lots of people asked Jesus the same question.

Annesley: Are we going to be enemies or friends?

Fisher: We are going to play a game together and play legos and do all sorts of things.

Oh, they crack me up. Fisher is so solid in his goodness. Annesley is so full of life and silliness and adorableness. I love being their mama.

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  1. Debbie

    From the mouth of babes. At church today our bishop talked about being like little children because they are without guile and say what’s on their mind. So his mom was teaching the sunbeams and the first little girl asked her how old she was because she has lots of gray hair and the next little boy asked her if she would be dying soon. An amazing miracle happened in our ward two weeks ago. A three year old ended up under a suburban after an accident. Her dad gave her a blessing and she has recovered. While she was in the hospital lots of ward members brought her balloons attached to stuffed animals. When someone came with a toy but no balloon she said, “Where’s the balloon?” You got to love little people. Brandon’s just getting a clue about numbers and he likes to use big ones “That will be in 200 hundred seconds he says.” How fun that you write down the cute things your little ones say. Thinking and praying for you and your family. Debbie

    • tracy

      I LOVE the 200 seconds thing! Children are such a force of light and fresh air in this world of adult worries and frustrations!

      Our stake president has said this will be a year of miracles…so glad your little ward member received a big one!