the saga of the attacking springboard

May 15, 2014

In the midst of all this Four Bucks To Change The World craziness, I am still trying to recover from my most recent injury. Do you remember when a springboard landed on me and then I fell down on top of it two weeks ago? Well, it has been a painful two weeks. A fun, wonderful, exciting two weeks, but a thoroughly painful two weeks.

My ribs and neck and shoulders hurt. And I am tired of them hurting. I am tired of having to think about them hurting. I am tired of having to go to PT twice a week to get them to stop hurting. It hurts to move my arms, breathe, roll over in bed, lay on my back, get dressed, laugh, move my head, chew, and open my mouth. It nearly killed me to kneel at the computer and work on all the video and blog posts for my 40th Birthday Project. I haven’t been driving these past two weeks, but I tried it yesterday for a quick jaunt to the park with Fish and Annes which was okay-ish. But today’s drive into town was painful as all get out. I am going to lie on my life-changing, giant back-sized ice pack and see if I can get these muscles to ccccaaaalllllmmmmm down.

Another set of strange post-fall symptoms is belching, yawning, reflux, and hiccups. Lots of all of them. I do not burp…really, it is such a rare thing for me…and now I am letting out these 12-year-old boy contest winning burps. And the yawns, oh my heck, they are non-stop. We think this is all being caused by the vagus nerve either being pinched or being in spasm. Getting it to stop is a high priority for me, but not so high for Jeremy…he says we will get there, but the other structures need attention first.

Jeremy thinks I will be better in four more weeks, maybe as little as two, but probably four. Two sounds good to me and is what I keep telling myself, but I have geared up for four in case it takes that long.

These injuries must end. I need some non-injured time to build some muscles and dang it all, that time is supposed to be right now (said with foot stamping the ground). Four big injuries this year so far is four too many! Right? I am SO motivated to build some muscles, but I can only do that if there isn’t a current injury.

So I wait and hurt and try to remember to take all my supplements and drink my water and eat good food. Speaking of good food, I finally ordered some Great Lakes Collagen and Great Lakes Gelatin. This weekend we will be making fruit snacks with the gelatin and I am going to be taking a tablespoon of the collagen every morning and night in my smoothie or peppermint tea or something other beverage-y thing. Do any of the use these? If so, what are your favorite ways to get it in you? Recipes?

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  1. Carol Jensen

    My homemade fruit snacks (with real fruit and juice) molded before I could eat them all, so start with a small batch. I put gelatin/collagen in anything that requires broth or water: soups of all kinds(legume and vegetable), cooking water for grains (rice, oatmeal, etc.), and fruit juices. The Detox Diva has a hot cocoa recipe using collagen here at and some more ideas at I’m rooting for you!

    • tracy

      Carol, thank you for the molding tip! Can you share your recipe? Skipping over to get some more ideas! Love you!