Aug 27, 2014

I did something yesterday that felt like me…the old me that is getting harder for me to remember.

May came and went and it never came to my corner of Idaho. June and Jult came and went as well and the closest it ever got to me was 3 1/2 hours south. I tried desperately to figure out a way to see it in Salt Lake or Boise, but every possibility I came up with would not work out. Then we went camping and by the time we got back it was long gone from the few theaters it played in.

I looked up its DVD release date and found out it was August 26. I knew I wanted to see it on the big screen, but decided I would have to settle for watching it on my computer.

That lasted about one second. I couldn’t BEAR to watch it on the computer! So, I started calling all the theaters within an hour radius to ask beg them to rent me a theater. I found one that said they would do it for $250 +$3 admission. I decided I would go with that one and would have to get 100 people to attend and pay $6. Hmmm, seemed a bit challenging, but I was completely determined to make it happen. Then I found a theater that would charge me a $30 rental price and no admission if I did it this week. Huzzah!

Just one problem. Well, two actually. I didn’t actually own the movie yet since was being released that very day. And two, I needed to do it that very night, in just a few short hours, if I wanted Richard, Blythe, and Keziah to attend…which, of course, I did.

So, I got to work and called all over the place and luckily found the movie for sale. Then I started inviting basically everyone I knew. Richard went and picked up the movie and I called. emailed, and Facebooked everyone in the tri-state area.

And people started responding which made my heart sing. It can be scary to organize an event and take the risk of no one catching your vision and joining in.

Piles of joy, my friends. We had 54 people come and party with us with heaps of popcorn, a few tears, and lots and lots of hugs.

It felt good. Really good. I love bringing people together and making the world a better place. I used to do this kind of thing all the time, but have drastically scaled back since I was injured.

It’s nice to know the spontaneous, fun-loving party girl is still inside me somewhere.

Favorite lines? YES, so many of them.

What is right can never be impossible!

My greatest misfortune, would be to marry into a family that would carry me as their shame.

How can I be too high of rank to dine with the servants, but too low of rank to dine with my own family?

You are above reducing yourself for the sake of rank.

Laws that allow us to diminish the humanity of anybody are not laws.

You break every rule when it matters enough, papa. I am the evidence.

If you haven’t seen Belle, watch it…because oh my, it is so, so good. I loved it and so did everyone else at my party. Now available on DVD or instant download at Amazon and probably a bajillion other places.

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  1. I watched it! It is WONDERFUL and AMAZING! And DELIGHTFUL!!!!