annesley helps again

Oct 12, 2009

I tell you it is getting nearly impossible to get food on my table in the state I intend it to be in. Annesley is soooo busy and she loves to pour, stir, dig, climb, empty, stab, shake, and poke. This morning I was making waffles from a mix my friend, Kat, gave me to taste-test. Well, I had no syrup and no honey with which to make syrup, but I had promised the children waffles, so I emptied some jam jars, added some water and heated it up till it resembled syrup. Keziah and I finally had the waffles ready and the syrup was ready, so I called everyone for prayer. I looked over at Annesley and she had climbed up to the spice cupboard, found the Nature’s Seasoning (onions, garlic, celery, parsley, salt, and pepper) and had poured in TONS! Luckily she hadn’t started stirring it and I was able to ladle most of it out. For once I was thankful my children are so slow in coming to breakfast because even though I had called them I still had time to rescue the syrup without their noticing.

I am keeping it a secret until after they eat because they probably would turn up their noses at contaminated syrup!

I adore this girlie, but she surely keeps me on my toes!

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  1. Marie

    Tracy, can you share your syrup recipe? My hubby loves to make pancakes and waffles, literally, every morning. While that is wonderful, I hate to have my kids eating sugary syrup every morning. We make our own, and it is far less sugary than store-bought syrup, but I would love a recipe with honey!

    • tracy

      Oh sure! I will make a blog post about it!


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