and now there are three!

May 29, 2010

Welcome With Love

Remember this?

Remember how it is my favorite birth book ever?

Remember how I lost it?

Yesterday at gym I was SHOCKED (yes, screaming and crying and jumping up and down and totally shocked from head to toe) to be given THREE copies of it!!! I am so, so happy to have these three wonderful books. My children love this book and I use it all the time in my childbirth classes. I love the artwork, and the language, and the message, and the clothing, and the lack of clothing, and the cute little baby socks, and, and, and…I just love it!

Thank you so much to the Gale and Lamoreaux families for being such good friends to give me something I will treasure for always.

I was given a myriad of other fun goodbye-for-the-year gifts from my fabulous students, including dark chocolate truffles, a TJMaxx gift card, a plant (that I will try to keep alive), judging cards with the number 10 on them (that all the kids surprised me with after I did a forward roll!) and precious notes from the kids on the back, drawings, hugs, and lots of love from everyone. We had loud music, crazy games, and lots of demonstrations of everyone’s favorite tricks.

Yep, I love teaching gym. I love interacting with so many neat people and having a day once a week to hang out in sweats and exercise. I especially love helping children realize they can do hard things, they can progress, they can show courage, and practice will bring improvement over time. I love watching their eyes light up with pride when they finally conquer a difficult skill. I love seeing them cheer each other on. I love how funny they are and how much they love me. I love helping them learn that adults can be silly. I love being part of their hearts and part of their lives.

I even did some back handsprings and a back tuck…not bad for a 36-year-old mother of four!

I will be offline for the next week…off to Homeschool Swim Camp…hoping it doesn’t rain all week long, but bringing lots of rain gear in case it does.

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  1. Anne

    Oh . . . I’m so happy your life turned out like this!

  2. Kate

    Groan. I miss gym soooo much. I miss you. Maybe I’ll see you up there this week.

  3. tracy

    Come and hang out with us! Thursday night is skit night…come ready with a great performance and we promise you’ll receive oodles of applause!

  4. Anne

    So what did you decide to make for Thursday? Got all that chicken cooked? How’s it going?

  5. tracy

    At this point I am still harboring a dream of making hawaiian haystacks…not cooked the chicken though, only bought it.

  6. Anne

    Ohmygosh, this has been on here for over a week! I want to hear all about your haystacks and swim camp!