prayer = love

Sep 28, 2010

During my long drive home, I had lots of time to think and ponder.

I thought about the big things.

My relationship with my Father in Heaven.

My obedience to His commandments.

My love for my fellowman.

I thought about a dear friend who is struggling with some of the choices her family members are making. She has been so frustrated she could scream. Her heart has broken in more pieces than she ever thought possible.

As has mine and I’m sure yours as well.

Her remedy for this situation is prayer. She sets her alarm for 5 a.m. and gets up and prays for one hour. One solid hour seven days a week. She prays to be able to love as He loves them. She prays to have a soft heart. She prays that their best selves will emerge. She prays to be able to be His hands in their lives. She prays to be able to listen. She prays for strength to be who they need her be. She prays for clarity of thought, purity of intention, and abundance of love.

She is free from anger and resentment towards them. When I shared that with her, she commented,

“Tracy, how can I have anger for someone I pray for for one hour every single day. God has blessed me with love.”

Beautiful isn’t it?

I think I need more time on my knees and less time in my head.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Tracy. So true, and just what I needed today. Thank you!