thankful thursdays 9/23

Sep 23, 2010

Typing is pretty difficult as a one-armed woman. I certainly can hen-peck one handed, but it takes forever and I don’t have that much time to give. So, Thankful Thursdays will be abbreviated today.

The Big Ones:



Our children

The Atonement

Food, shelter, and clothing

Our extended families

The ability to learn

Specific to this week:

Linda, a dear mama, who came to my rescue by taking Blythe to and from Spanish. I can’t even tell you what it means to me to have to leave my home four less times in a week

Jennifer B. – fabulous Math Alive! assistant

Cami M. – helped Annes be happy yesterday

The book, The Edison Trait – it is helping me understand my children so much!

Time for morning devotional…ta ta!

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