we did it!

Nov 9, 2010


Make It For Maggie was a huge success! Our goal was to raise money for seven dives for Maggie, bring our community together in service, and to help people learn skills and information that will bless their lives.

We did all three!

Through the great generosity of many, many people we were able to raise almost $1700 for Maggie. Isn’t that amazing! I am so blessed to be surrounded by people of goodness, people who are willing to share themselves with others, people who are willing to give and give some more.

The women who came together at Make It For Maggie made new friends, learned new skills, laughed, cried, and loved. It was a wonderful day of delicious food, inspiring classes, huge smiles, gushy hugs, and lots of laughter.

Although we were exhausted by the end of the day, we were also filled with joy from head to toe. I am so glad Kat and I decided to create Make It For Maggie. It was a wonderful experience that has blessed more lives than just Maggie’s.

My favorite parts?

1. Listening to the Laughter Yoga class giggle themselves silly.




2. Watching my friend Laura teach how to make her signature Mexican tortillas, beans, and salsa.


3. Listening to everyone have great conversations during dinner.


4. Mary Beth enjoying a soup so much she demanded to know who made it and what the recipe was.

5. My little sister learning how to get her baby into a sling.

6. The plethora of hugs I received during the day.

7. Kat’s dad doing the jobs of about 50 people and doing them fabulously well.

8. Seeing Anna give Maggie a doll that looks just like Maggie and then seeing Maggie love on that doll for the rest of the time they were here.


9. Smelling the deliciousness of the essential oils class.

10. Seeing Sarah teach a group of little girls how to knit.

11. Seeing the excitement in everyone’s eyes as they learned about raw foods, sprouting, freezer meals, calendula creme, cracker making, marinara sauce, sewing, and green smoothies.





12. Drinking Liz’s green smoothie of utter deliciousness mid-afternoon when I needed an energy boost.

13. Eating the best graham cracker of my life – thanks Carol!

14. Watching everyone laugh during the Improv Underground Dinner Show.

15. Watching Liz scream and shake her booty when she was announced as the raffle winner for a Family Photo Shoot by Moments by Tyra Photography (unfortunately all that screaming scared Miss Maggie).

16. Giving Jodie and Maggie a pile of cash to fund Maggie’s treatments and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces as they realized that each of us was part of something amazing.


Jodie, Maggie, Mary, and Jodie’s mom, Mary Ann, spent the night at our home (along with my mom, Mikelle, and Easton, and Camille, Abigail, and Eve!) and attended church with us. We had so much fun trying on baby carriers, designing options for Maggie to be carried more comfortably, reading books, eating granola and smoothies, coloring my hair, and watching all the children playing together.

Ignore my half-closed eyes…IMG_6169


Some firsts for Maggie happened right here in my home! Maggie stood up for several seconds by herself! She sat up by herself! She colored with a marker by herself! These are all new things and I am sure the nine dives she has had so far are the reason why. It is so super-exciting to be a witness to the transformation of Miss Maggie!

Annesley and Maggie…aren’t these two girlies adorable!


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Thank you for sharing your money, your food, your time, and most of all your hearts.

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  1. Katherine

    I love you. Thank you for lighting the spark that blazed into this enormous bon fire of love and joy. :)

  2. Kourtney

    It was fabulous!

  3. Anne

    Tracy! It was sooo amazing and so fun and I’m so glad I made the trip. I’m very proud that you guys made the effort to serve another family so thoroughly. What a lot of work and stress and commitment. And you two pulled it off fabulously! Thank you! A true example of hard work being worth every single minute.

  4. Aww, so sweet! So disappointed I couldn’t make it.

  5. Oh, I LOVE seeing all the pictures!!! My kids and I were waving to everybody! Good job ladies– what a wonderful day! :-D

    Rachel K. in AZ

  6. Joanne

    Wonderful! What a great idea, I’m so glad it worked so well! I’m sure it will help more than just Maggie. Word will spread and insurance companies will have to start helping pay for it…..Way to go! Love your spirit Tracy!

  7. You are simply amazing. Incredible. You and Kat put together a tremendous effort and it all went absolutely perfectly! You are truly a gift to the world, my friend! I’m so honored to have been a part of this fantastic day and to have played a small role in making a difference in the lives of Maggie and her family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making it all possible. I love you!

  8. TheJoyfulPalmer

    Crying, crying, crying for such a magnificent weekend. Not only was the event a raving success, Tracy, I was personally fed and rejuvenated by spending such a delightful weekend in your gracious hostess hands. Thank you for filling my “mama bucket.” Love you so much!

  9. AWESOME! (And I mean that in the “awe” sense of the word. ;) ) I, too, wish I could have stayed and enjoyed the day. What a grand project, and a great outcome! I hope things continue to improve for Maggie and her family.

  10. Jenny Hanson

    I was so sad to miss this…now I am soooo soooo sad I missed it!!! Didn’t know Jodi and Maggie would be there. Congratulations on being so amazing.

  11. Anne

    Hey Tracy, will you send me Liz’s email so I can ask her about her class? Loving all the green drinks I’ve been making!

  12. LaPriel

    So wonderful! keep us posted on how her treatments go.