Feb 4, 2011

After days and days of hacking and dry coughing while my lungs were rattling, I finally have mucus coming out of me.

Gobs of it.

Pretty gross, but I am quite sure its the only way I am going to feel better. The stuff filling my lungs has got to come out somehow.

I am curled up in bed reading Ender’s Shadow, Crucial Conversations, Tale of Two Cities, and doing Ken-Ken puzzles. If I weren’t so miserable, I would love having days on end to do nothing.

I can tell my oxygen levels are pretty low because I can’t do any Ken-Ken puzzles that are out of the “Light and Easy” range and normally I devour the “Difficult” ones. Pretty frightening when the ones I give to Keziah are stumping my brain.

I am covered in oils, taking oregano, GSE, Vital Ion, ALJ, garlic, and drinking lots of water. My bed is covered with tissues, rice socks, and books. My house looks like a tornado hit it. My nose is red and raw. My face is swollen. On the good side, my voice is a little bit better than its non-existant version of yesterday.

I am so blessed to have had friends bring over delicious foods! Kari and Tasha have both made immune-boosting soups and last night, Jennifer W. brought over super-yummy enchiladas. I think my children will be kissing the ground she walks on for years to come.

Come on mucus…keep coming out!

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  1. Anne

    I don’t know how to say this nicely, but YUK!