forty days, forty bags, forty gazillion pounds of stuff gone

Mar 15, 2011

That is my plan anyway. I am going to remove forty bags of stuff from my home in the next forty days. It can go to the garbage or thrift store as long as it is out of my home.

Here is my by the day plan:

15: my bedroom
16: my bedroom
17: my bedroom
18: my bedroom
19: kitchen
20: kitchen
21: laundry room
22: laundry room
23: laundry room
24: Fisher’s room
25: Keziah’s room
26: Blythe’s room
27: Blythe’s room
28: Blythe’s room
29: storage room
30: storage room
31: storage room
01: storage room
02: storage room
03: garage
04: garage
05: garage
06: pantry
07: yard
08: yard
09: my bedroom
10: my bedroom
11: Keziah’s room
12: Fisher’s room
13: Blythe’s room
14: mini-library
15: school room
16: kitchen
17: laundry room
18: laundry room
19: laundry room
20: storage room
21: storage room
22: garage room
23: garage room

Kat and I are going to report to each other each day. Would anyone else like to be in on this accountability circle? Motivation is what we need ladies! Join with us and we will make it fabulously fun! Of course, there will be food involved, because Kat and I can do nothing without delicious food! Everyone who completes the challenge will get to join us for something delectable! Banana split party? Johnny Carino’s? Thai?

Even if you just do a small Wal-mart bag each day, it will count! I won’t punish you if you don’t have as much junk as I have!


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  1. I’ll join you! I REALLY need to do this. Especially since I just got a call that I might have some guests next week and I have no where to put them (spare room is full of boxes!)

  2. Cami

    Ok. Ok. I’m in. I was thinking that I could not possibly do this, but with friends, food and a great time I’m totally in. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. Anne

    I so confused about the numbering . . .

    • tracy

      The numbers are the days of the months…is it still confusing or does it make sense now?

  4. Anne


  5. Anne

    Wait. Why does Blythe’s room have three days? Remember we cleaned it not too long ago? And what is a garage room?

  6. tracy

    Oh heavens! Her room is ALWAYS in need of emptying out! I’m sure I could go in there right now and pull 40 bags of stuff out of just it!

    It is 10 p.m. and I am just getting home from iFamily and Stake Standards night…trying to decide if I can hurry and do a bag tonight or not.

  7. Tami

    Hey – I wasn’t on your list of names, but I’m going to do it too. Have done one bag so far… guess I’m going to have to hurry and catch up. I’ll probably have to just be there in spirit for the reward night, tho!

    • tracy

      Yippee!!! Thrilled you are joining us! We have a link over on facebook where people can post pics and stuff!

      Move. Here. Now.