pencil bags

Aug 30, 2011

pencil bags

I am blessed to have the lovely Jessica of Balancing Everything fame as one of my best friends. Last week she whipped up some pencil bags for her children and I immediately fell in love. She is one of the most creative people I have ever met and I regularly swoon over her creations. She told me to bring over some fat quarters and zippers and she would teach me how to make some for my family.

I loved her Japanese fabric, but I let my children pick out their own stuff and design them in their own style…and then Jessica sewed for us today! I barely helped with pinning and unpicking, but perhaps my picking up the playdough, getting the toddler dressed, and our lovely conversation made up for my lack of sewing contributions? Maybe, just maybe, I will be brave enough to attempt it on my own so I can have my own super-duper adorable bag too!

I don’t know why they are showed up all wrinkly in the pictures. They lay flat quite nicely in real life. Maybe the fact that Keziah was taking the pictures with little ones crawling all over her has something to do with it?








Fisher’s…with his praying mantis



Blythe’s sans the initial…I guess she thought the initial was childish.



The children have already filled them up with their colored pencils and are silly excited for their Nature Studies classes this fall. I know I could have gone out and bought a cheap plastic pencil case, but cheap plastic doesn’t speak to my soul. Homemade. Cotton. Felt. Those are the things that connect with me and I love taking the time and effort to give my children homemade treasures…and having friends to help me do so!

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  1. Mom

    So, so adorable!

  2. me again!

    i L.O.V.E. the praying mantis. Where did he get that? I forget.

    • tracy

      We have had the praying mantis for years. I bought a whole set of awesome puppets at 90% off when a toy store went out of business.

  3. you guessed it

    Where is the pattern for these?

    • tracy

      In Jessica’s head. I think I could explain it to you though!

  4. um, grommer

    sorry if I’m driving you nuts with all these ‘names’