go to the dump

Sep 13, 2011

I cannot rave loudly enough about the RightStart Game Pack. Can you hear me shouting?


Okay, back to my normal voice now. We have owned it for many years and I consider it indispensable. It is probably the best $50 I have ever spent. I love these games and more importantly, my children love these games. Jessica over at Balancing Everything recently did a whole write-up about the RightStart materials. I don’t have time to write about everything right now, but I did want to share our love affair with one game.

Today I introduced Fisher to Go To The Dump. I loved seeing his eyes light up as he figured out the numbers in his head. Go To The Dump is just like Go Fish, except a pair is any two cards that add up to ten. So if you have a 4, you ask for a 6. If the other person doesn’t have it, they say “go to the dump” and you draw from the pile in the middle of the players.

5 + 5
6 + 4
7 + 3
8 + 2
9 + 1

We played one round and he begged for more, but then it was time for lunch. It is time for Annesley to learn how to play it as well so the two of them can play with each other without me.

Other favorites are Corners, Skip-Count Memory, Difference War, and Multiplication War. I need to spend more time playing these games with my children because inevitably once we start we spend several hours exploring mathematical concepts and everyone get oodles of practice with their math facts.

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  1. Michelle

    *Gasp*, what an ingenious game! I think I know what we’re doing today….

  2. LaPriel

    Tracy, you amaze me!

  3. tracy

    LaPriel, What on earth is so amazing about this post? You are cracking me up!