fiar: how to make an apple pie

Oct 24, 2011

fiar: how to make an apple pie

Our FIAR book of the week is How To Make An Apple Pie and See The World by Marjorie Priceman. Fisher and I are in love.


The market is closed so the girl must travel the world to find her apple pie making ingredients. She traveled to Italy to find wheat for the flour, France for elegant chickens to lay the best eggs, Sri Lanka to find kurundu bark for the cinnamon, England for a cow with the creamiest milk, Jamaica for sugar cane, and Vermont for apples. What a trip!

Then we finished off the day by eating a real apple pie and carving pumpkins (no, I didn’t make it today…I made it a long time ago and froze it and Keziah thought it would be a fabulous idea to bake it for our Family Home Evening treat.)

Fisher giggled all the way through it, told papa all about it when he got home, and he can’t wait to read it again tomorrow. This one is a keeper!

p.s. I am on a posting spree…I don’t know what is up with that! Pictures of the pumpkin carving will be up soon.

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  1. Anne

    I can’t believe you even have one spare moment!

    • tracy

      Just here and there…or typing while I am on the phone. Somehow this day felt like it had about fifty hours in it!

  2. Michelle

    We also ADORE this book! So many places to imagine traveling to, so much yummy food, what delightful pictures and verse! We had a blast on Math day dragging out the Little People farm animals and red pompoms for apples, counting as we feed the creatures. A perfect autumn time story.

    • tracy

      I wish I had a ginormous book budget so I could order all these FIAR books brand new in hardcover! I’m thrilled the library has so many of them!

      Did you make an apple pie?

      Are you coming to Make It For Maggie?

  3. Tasha

    Oh, you carved pumpkins!! Andrew is bringing three pumpkins to you tomorrow to replace the three that he decided should be thrown off your front steps. I hope you didn’t buy more! I knew we should have gotten these to you sooner! So sorry.

  4. tracy

    My aunt gave us some the other day and asked us to carve them for FHE.

    It is fine and Andrew doesn’t need to bring them…although it would probably be good for his own little soul.