and the culprit is

Feb 27, 2012

So I have been hurting quite badly for over a week. I have winced and moaned and laid in bed. I taught my Worldviews class on my belly last week. I had my assistants teach gym. I stood up through church because trying to sit on the pew was unbearable, then I spent the rest of the day in a horizontal position. I have really taken it easy and tried my best to rest my leg. But it has not improved in any way. It just keeps hurting more and more.

So, today I went in to get it all checked out and find some answers.

Drat it all! I have a stress fracture in my acetabulum, which is the cup of the pelvis the femur head fits into.

And when I say drat what I really mean is DRAT!!!

Two weeks of running did me in. I never wanted to be a runner, I only wanted to be a supportive mama and run with my girlie. I am frustrated and dejected and hurting.

At this point I have no idea what recovery time is going to be, but I know it is longer than I want. I don’t know what to do about gym or resting (really, how can a person like me rest for 8 weeks?) or driving or typing or bending. All I want to do is stop hurting.

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  1. I’m so sorry, Tracy. :(