first run

Feb 7, 2012

We did it. We ran for the first time. Well…not her first time, but my first time in a very long time. Our training schedule for this week is one minute running, two minutes walking, then repeat ten times.

I did it. Every single second. I felt like I finished strong.


Afterwards, we went to DI (local thrift store) to look for some running clothes for her since the bulk of her sports clothes are cotton and cotton is not going to cut it in this cold weather. Eleven dollars later she has a nice fleece jacket with pockets, running capri tights (still need to find some long ones), nylon pants, and a short sleeve Under Armor shirt (she already has a long sleeve one that she wore today). She learned that she needs to wear a hat or ear protection of some kind and gloves because her head and hands got pretty cold.

If you would like to train along with us, here is the schedule we are following. So, this week is the one minute run, two minute walk plan, followed by a day of rest. Kez has no interest in resting, so on her off days she is going to ride her bike or go on a thirty minute walk.

I am not at all sure I can do this, but it was quite enjoyable to be out running in the sunshine and brisk air with my girlie, so if I can keep having days like this, maybe I will be able to overcome my dislike of running.

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  1. Anne

    You two are awesome! I’m so proud of you both. So glad she got some warm clothes . . .what did you wear? I think you need something over your face and mouth, too, so you don’t burn your lungs. Did you SEE THE MOON????

  2. Awesome!!! I love running… I’m so glad you guys are having fun. :) (Oh, and to the above comment… I don’t love anything over my face or mouth. Usually if I do it makes condensation which then freezes, and then I have ice banging on my face.) You definitely want gloves, and if you need one, a hat (I don’t wear a hat unless it’s single digits or below, but I’m kind of weird. ;)