best story ever

Jun 22, 2012


Go read it right now and feel your heart fill up with joy and a renewal of faith in humanity. These ladies inspire me to love deeply, give plentifully, and serve broadly.


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  1. Tasha L.

    Wow. Amazing!

  2. Anne

    What a darling and inspiring story!!!!! How you doing today?

    • tracy

      So, so, so tired. So wiped out. My back is hurting badly.

      I am completely done with being me. Well, not completely, I’m not morbidly depressed or anything. I am just so tired of being in pain and I am tired of hearing me complain about being in pain and I am sure everyone around me is tired of hearing me complain about being in pain. It is really getting old.

      Today we attempted to clean AND rearrange the school room and the sewing room. What on earth ws I thinking? Wore me right out. If I had a working body and a lot more energy I would be finished by now, but I am seriously lacking in those two areas and I am going to be lucky if it gets finished before you guys get here.

      I am ready to have my life back. Angels, angels, where are you?