mifm 2012 countdown

Oct 22, 2012

Five days until Make It For Maggie. Five days to get everything done. But really? Only two. Tuesday and Thursday. Because Wednesday is iFamily and Friday is gym.

So two.

Two days to pull off a miracle.

We still have gobs to do.

  • Get a gazillion more registrations.
  • Make name tags for all registrants, babysitters, chairman, and recipients.
  • Organize (and collect more!) silent auction items.
  • Collect more door prizes to be given out to our participants throughout the day.
  • Buy all the napkins, plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery.
  • Buy all the snacks for the children being babysat.
  • Make all the room signs.
  • Make all the handout books.
  • Make all the silent auction bid sheets.
  • Buy and make all the teacher thank-you gifts.
  • Make sure we have all teacher supplies ready and organized.
  • Make the agenda for the dinner time presentation.
  • Bring the microphone system (and test it to make sure it works!)
  • Fill my heart up with God’s love so I can spill it out on everyone who is joining us.

Pray for us. We need miracles and thousands of dollars in donations (YES, my friends, every little bit counts, so if you would care to join us in this mighty endeavor, head over to Make It For Maggie and click the donate button) to pull off our big dreams for these three lovely families. We need calm heads, strong spirits, and huge hearts to make this day as wonderful as it can be.

And we need you! Join us in Changing The World One Family At A Time.

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  1. Anne

    Dang! That is a whole lot of details. Can you cut some of that out? For example, have the participant write their own name tag. And what about a gift card for the teachers. Great Harvest or the likes.] Easy. Maybe see where you can streamline this huge list . . . But then, you thrive on details and last minute lists, so you’ll be fine.

    • tracy

      I have already streamlined it by delegating some of it out…I don’t have to do it all…just make sure it gets done.