hurrah for chalkboard markers

Apr 9, 2013

hurrah for chalkboard markers

Remember last week when I posted about my new chalkboard? Well, luckily for me (and you too, right?) I found my camera cord this morning in a batch of towels I have been meaning to fold for quite some time now and now I can show you the pics of its cuteness.

The original frame.

The original UGLY picture.

Mom starting the transformation process – she sanded it with two different kinds of sandpaper that I somehow found in Richard’s stash (I think one of the kinds was his super-fine car buffing sandpaper, eek!), then primed it, let it dry completely, and then started painting it red.

In all its red glory.

Mikelle and I trying to solve the brightness problem.

Success! Notice how the black smudges fix everything!

In its place on my green table and ready for some of Blythe’s doodling amazingness.

And now, all decorated with Blythe’s quick lunchtime artwork. I have asked her to create a new piece of inspiration every week.

Love it!

I was nervous about the chalkboard markers not coming off the chalkboard and ruining it because of some negative Amazon reviews, but after we tested them out on a scrap piece of wood over night and having them wash off perfectly with a damp rag, we are confident we made the right choice. There are lots of brands of chalkboard markers out there and these Chalk Ink ones seem to consistently have the best reviews in terms of durability and removability, so we went with them. Now that we have played with them I can say they are worth the price and I can’t wait to see what Blythe comes up with next week!

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  1. Cute cute cute!

    • tracy

      Thank you Mindy! I am so proud of myself for actually participating in a craft-making project. My awesome, super-crafty mom did almost all of the work and she is the real hero here, but I still dared to try something new and it worked! I think that may be a first for me in the craft arena!

  2. Anne

    Oh my gosh! This turned out so cute and I had no idea that Blythe was so creative in the writing department! ALthough I SHOULD know that, since I remember notebooks and notebooks full of her awesome doodling!