we love music

Jun 6, 2013

we love music

Blythe and Keziah play the violin and recently started taking piano lessons as well. Right now we have an awesome teacher who comes to our home (can you shout, YAZOO!) and teaches both of them on both instruments. I am in love with the set-up as it requires no driving for me and no entertaining of my little ones while the older ones have lessons. We just hole up in my room and do math and reading and games while the girls have their two hour lesson. Two weeks ago they had their Spring recital and played beautifully.


Yes, she is wearing ponytails all over her arm. She always has ponytails around her wrist, but I can’t believe I didn’t notice she had them on for the recital. If I had she would have been reminded to take them off.


Blythe just started piano lessons in February. I am amazed at how much progress she has made in just a few short months.


Here she is with her beloved violin, Niphredil (yes, she named her violin after a flower in Middle Earth, you LOTR fans can shout hurrah). She loves to create beautiful pieces and spends her free time dancing in the yard while she plays – now that is talent, don’t you think?


Getting a picture of these two smiling without the silliness is nigh on impossible…



Refreshments were enjoyed by all the little brothers and sisters.


I will sure miss these days of music bursting out the walls of our home when these two girls leave home. They play constantly and I often wake up to their music. I am so grateful Blythe set us on this path so many years ago.

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  1. Mindy

    It’s so fun to see them playing the violin!!

    • tracy

      Isn’t it! Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher for them and starting them on their way!