fall has arrived in my kitchen

Oct 29, 2013

You never know what will happen after getting out of a walking boot you have been in for months! Tonight I felt so good, I ventured into the Land of The Unseen, otherwise known as the kitchen and whipped out something delicious for my family! I was reading King Arthur with Fisher when I started thinking about the cans of pumpkin in the pantry and all the yummy fall treats we have been missing out on.

It has been so, so long since I have had a day without mega foot pain and/or mega hip pain and/or passing out. Today I had no foot pain AND no hip pain and no sign of passing out, so I decided right then and there it was high time to get on my feet and get to work.

So, I made two tried and tested favorites. My mother-in-laws Zucchini Soup and the Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies Kat helped me develop a few years ago.

We are swimming in yumminess tonight!

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  1. Mom

    YUM! You should share that recipe! I made pumpkin chocolate chip brownies that were delish! But they were NOT healthy or something Kat would be caught dead eating or promoting. YAY! Glad you felt good enough to cook! How is today going?Did you overdo?