fiar: humphrey the lost whale

Jan 14, 2014

fiar: humphrey the lost whale

Annes and I started our FIAR adventure again this week. We took December off and just got into the swing of things with FIAR again. I wanted to read All The Places To Love, one of my all-time favorite books, but she chose Humphrey The Lost Whale


This is the endearing, true story of a humpback whale who made a mistake and traveled under the Golden Gate Bridge, into San Francisco Bay, and up the the Sacramento River in 1985. Scientists, the U.S. Coast Guard, and people from all over the world worked together to help Humphrey get back out to the deep waters of the ocean.


Miss Annes thoroughly enjoying this book. The whole time we were reading it she kept asking, “He doesn’t die does he? He makes it back to the ocean, right?” Today we talked about salt water vs. fresh water, the Golden Gate Bridge, blowholes, different types of bridges, whale sounds, and the maps in the book.

Great times with my little one – so grateful I have this time with her.

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  1. Jenny

    Isn’t the genius and ease of FIAR/TJEd fantastic? You can’t help but learn! I love it!!

    • tracy

      Oh, how I love FIAR! My favorite thing is the relationship my children develop with the books/characters/settings/etc.

      • Jenny

        YES!!! My heart just jumps for joy when I hear the kids connecting one story to another or even BETTER, a story to something they are experiencing. Hurrah!