fat rolls?

Sep 22, 2009

Yes, I have them. Even though I am a pretty small lady, my belly has not recovered well from the last several children I have had. My legs and bottom seem to bounce back quickly from their huge increases during pregnancy, but my belly is struggling. My waistband digs into me. My fitted shirts show a muffin top, and in my swimsuit – well, let’s just say, I was slightly mortified all summer long. I am proud of my stretch marks and am thrilled to have been able to grow and birth my babies, but I don’t need these fat rolls to stay with me forever to remind me of my beauties.

My mother over at Weighing Matters has lost 3 1/2″ from her stomach this month. Three and one-half inches!!! Isn’t that amazing! I am impressed. I am hereby announcing to the world that I am going to start an abdominal program to lose some inches. I don’t care what I weigh, but I would love this belly roll to be gone! I will post some initial measurements soon and then I will have a clear record of what, if anything, I manage to eliminate from my girth.

First up, I need to get better from this bout of diarrhea I am having. Then I need to attend another birth and let my life get back to its normal routine. Then I can add some awesome ab exercises in to my life. If you know of any fat-busting, size-eliminating, muscle-building miracles, send them my way!

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  1. I’ll share what I’ve learned from teaching ab classes at the gym, and power toning, etc… you HAVE to do cardio exercising and healthy eating (which I know you’re good at) to lose belly fat. You can do ab exercises to tone the muscles there, but if you have fat over the top, you’re not going to see much of a difference… believe me, I used to teach 4 half hour classes a week of JUST abdominal exercises, and I did NOT have a six pack. When I’m running regularly, I have less belly fat. (Although I’m convinced it will never totally go away… the blessing of having given birth…) Anyway, good luck! I know you can reduce those rolls, and I’d be glad to help you in any way I can. I still teach classes at the rec center here, so I have a lot of exercise ideas.

  2. jessica

    I’m extremely annoyed that all my baby weight hasn’t just melted off during breastfeeding like it has always done before. I’m going to have to actually DO something about this and that thought makes me very tired.

    • tracy

      Yes, I completely agree! It normally just melts off, but this time my tummy has stayed pretty big…uuggghhh!