Nov 22, 2009

Snow is falling all around!
On the housetops
On the ground!
Snow is falling on my nose
On my head
My hands and toes!

Yes, during church today it snowed…a lot. It is still coming down and I am not at all thrilled. See, I am not a skier, not a sledder, not a snowmobile-er, not a snowshoe-er, not an anything that has anything to do with snow. I like to see the mountains covered in it, but down here? Not so much. I wish it could fall in the fields, lakes, and rivers and somehow stay off the roads. I wish it could soak deep into the earth to replenish the aquifer without covering my sidewalks.

It’s not that I am afraid of driving on bad roads – I grew up in Wyoming at an elevation of 7,000 ft.+. It’s not even that I hate the cold, in fact, I rarely wear a coat. Its just a lot of work. All the shoveling, scraping, defrosting, bundling up, bundling down, dripping boots, lost mittens, missing gloves, hats that don’t fit, trails of muddy snow through the house, babies that want to go out, come in, go out, come in, loading up sleds, ice skates, coats, fleece, blankets, kick sleds, tubes, food, warming up the engine, sliding off the road, driving slowly, accidents that need cleared off the road so traffic can proceed, brown slushy junk in every parking lot, the skyrocketing heating bills, the runny noses, the piles of…its all too much.

Any of you moms know what I mean?

I am hoping this melts right quick and we can get back to enjoying fall.

(We also need to find Keziah’s shoes before they are permanently buried for the season. Yeah, the ones that she left at violin on Friday in her teacher’s backyard before her lesson started. How does a person walk out of the house, across the porch, down the driveway, and get into the car without noticing they don’t have shoes on? And yes, she went into ice skating without shoes. In fact, she ran across A Street, down 1/2 a block and into Great Harvest shoeless…that girl, she is a nut!)

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  1. Anne

    Oh my goodness Keziah! A nut barely describes her! She’s a WALnut, a HAZELnut! She’s a macadamia! Who, INDEED, could run that far in freezing weather without noticing!

    Yah, I feel the same about winter! I can hardly let myself enjoy fall because I know winter is right behind. If it weren’t for my cute WINTER crafts, I could never get through it!

    • tracy

      Christmas and funky sweaters are the only good things about winter…and your crafts are adorable…maybe they would help me enjoy it a little more!

  2. Anne

    I soooo want your cute block for my block quotes!

  3. LaPriel

    “Yah, I feel the same about winter! I can hardly let myself enjoy fall because I know winter is right behind. ” I totally agree Anne!
    I agree with all the bundling up etc. What a pain. All those wet clothes I have to find places to hang to dry. I hate all of the little pebbles (from sanding the roads) in my garage and brought into my house. The only good thing about snow is that it covers up all of the ugly dead world.

  4. Sally

    You know how I feel about Winter!! In fact, after this last depressing “I hate snow” episode, my husband is insisting we move to Hawaii. The only thing is, I might miss the snow! I really like to play in it, just don’t want all the hard work that comes with it!

    • tracy

      Are you really going to move then???? I read your post the other day about caves and was so jealous of your childhood! How idyllic to be able to swim in the ocean on a daily basis. I like having 4 seasons, I just hate the work, the mess, the inconvenience, but I am sure I learn important lessons from it, right?

  5. I am in complete sympathy with you! We had a 1/2 inch today and it was sooo beautiful as we drove home from church and admired the white powdered sugar frosting on the canyon walls, lava rock and sagebrush. But THEN when we got home, the kids were in and out a million times to play in it and to put snow in their cups and pour maple syrup in it, to eat with a spoon. So then there’s stickiness AND wet puddles AND mud tracked everywhere. sigh. Is a clean house really that important, or their fun memories of winter? I try to keep perspective but it can be really hard!

    • tracy

      Their fun memories of winter take the cake every time…but I want a giant mud room to handle the mess!

  6. You know we LOVE the snow…the sooner the better…the more the better…and the longer it stays the better. We totally sympathize with those who love the warmer/fairer weather…that’s why you have April, May, June, July, August, September, most of October and often some of November… please give us some of November, December, January, February and a wee part of March. Maybe it will get so cold it will freeze the swine flu or at least run it off to warmer parts.
    Love ya!

    • tracy

      You can have the snow…ON THE MOUNTAINS…why does it need to be on my car, on my sidewalks, in my house!

      Love you too!

  7. oops– this is probably all my fault… I’ve been doing a snow dance since last April, in hopes of bringing it on!! I looooooove snow. In fact there’s not hardly enough snow here for me, I was thinking I just need to move to Alaska! HA HA. Then again, I totally agree with your need for a giant mud room. All northern homes should have a “snow transition area” for slushy boots and dripping wet mittens!

    • tracy

      So you are the one responsible???!!! What will I do with you now? Take away your skis? Your snowshoes? Demand that you teach me how to love it?

      Just wait till Cedar is in and out a million times a day…and then multiply that by lots of children…and you will see what I mean!

  8. Ohhhh Tracy, you are making me quite jealous with your talk of snow! Here I sit in shorts and sandals, a balmy 80 degrees outside and wanting desperately to see and feel the snow. I guess it is one of those ‘the grass is always greener” type of things.
    Half of the stuff you mentioned in your post I didn’t understand because we have never been up north in the winter time. Do we really need all that “stuff”? Yikes! Looks like we are in for more than we thought. hahahaaha :) Oh and I also never wear a coat or jacket. They really are a big pain! I mean what is the point if you are just going to be walking from the car to the house or vice versa? Perhaps I am of this opinion because we have never truly felt the cold…….my opinion might change once we get to Idaho though! hahaha :)