Mar 28, 2010

How many things can break in my life? Richard says I shouldn’t ask that question, shouldn’t put those words out to the universe, shouldn’t give them life. He is probably right. And yet…I have to wonder?

Last night at Winco, I dropped my barely clinging to life cell phone and it broke into two pieces…complete with wires hanging out. I put it back together, but it didn’t work. It is officially toast. So, don’t call me on it – you won’t get me.

Right after I dropped the phone I felt something hanging around my legs. I thought it must be the completely-stretched-out-waistband-slip I was wearing and tried to hike it back up in some semblance of a ladylike manner while standing in the back corner of the bulk section. I kept pulling it up over and over and short story is, whatever was hanging around my legs was still there. Turns out it was my very stretched out pantyhose.

Something is terribly wrong with my suburban. More than one thing. I have been telling Richard this all week long, but he has been beset with his own car troubles and hasn’t been able to pay attention to mine. Well, last night he drove it and said, “What is that noise? That is just not right.” I think it is the U-joints and something with the air system. Who knows?

Richard’s car broke down in Idaho Falls on Friday night. I had to go rescue him right after I finally got home from gym.

When he went to go work on his car on Saturday he drove his little red project car and something blew. Hopefully a cheap gasket, but who knows.

We now have three barely running vehicles, one totaled vehicle that we are waiting for the measly insurance payment on, and one hasn’t-been-started-in-years vehicle that Richard is hoping to take apart and sell parts off of.

All I want are two dependable vehicles. I don’t care what they look like. I just want them to get me from here to there on a regular basis.

My round brush that I blow dry my hair with came completely apart. No surprise since my hair could win the contest for World’s Thickest Hair. Think it doesn’t look that thick? Well, it takes a LOT of work to make it not look thick. Once when I got a perm, it took 6 hours, three wrappers, three sets of rods and three bags on my head to cover up all the rods. Insanity I say.

My adorable green table that I love got broken yesterday when I dropped the couch on it (well, actually, I was in between the couch and the table quite concerned that I would by squished until I was bereft of all oxygen in my body. No one could help me because Blythe was on the other end of the couch and couldn’t get to me except by climbing on the couch and pushing it even further into my lungs and none of our other children are strong enough or tall enough to lift a couch that is 4 ft. in the air and slowing killing their mother). I had the couch above my head to try to get it out of the living room and into the dining room so we could make our Passover table when I tripped and dropped it on top of me. As the last gasps of air were escaping I mustered all my strength and heaved it up again.

My dishwasher is broken, my vacuum isn’t working so hot, my sewing machine is temperamental. My upstairs shower has been broken for over a year. My iron fell of the ironing board yesterday and broke a piece off of it – I think I fixed that though.

Surely, we have had enough! Surely we are going to start having things go right.


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  1. Jenny Hanson

    I am so sorry for your troubles dear friend. It is so very frustrating to have it all going wrong. The motto in our house is, “Either it is broken or it is going to be, smile.” Does chaos theory apply here?

  2. Anne

    I keep thinking things are going to take a huge swing for you, but it seems like every day something else is amiss. I love to hear you laugh about things, though. Yesterday when you asked “Do you want to hear something funny . . .” and then said something in Richard’s red car blew, we kind of laughed how ironic it is that everything seems to be breaking and going wrong. But I know you are getting all worn out from everything the last several years. Remember what you told me about how we react to our trials. Because you and Richard are both doing fabulous in that department. You are both amazing!

  3. Kate


  4. Kari

    That reminds me of the time I was standing in your kitchen and my slip fell down around my ankles because the elastic was shot! I was so embarassed. I still haven’t gotten a new one! I kind of wish I could have been there when your pantyhose fell down. Stuff like that is always funny when you have a friend to share it with you! I’m sorry your stuff is broken. I love you!

  5. jessica

    this sounds like my health. ;op

    I wish I had millions of dollars. I’d help you, I’d help my folks, I’d help so many people. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in a position to leave an entire new car on someone’s driveway with a bow on it? Or a new set of couches or something? Someday when I’m a bajillionaire I will.

  6. Becky


  7. Mandi


  8. Robin

    Amen Sister! I feel this way a lot! Try to play the “Glad game” as suggested by Pollyanna.
    Be glad you have a bathtub and don’t have to fill a washtub with water heated by your stove.
    Be glad you have a broken car that your children can play Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang in.
    Be glad your hubby has the skills to fix minor repairs.
    Be glad you are an amazing resourceful woman who is able to teach her children how to make it all work , even when circumstances are less than ideal.
    Be glad you will be able to share your testimony with others about how the Lord loves us and sends angels to help us. (I know you will)
    Hang in there, dear friend. Love You