catching up

Oct 26, 2010

I am slowly catching up on my housework after the great-bedroom-rearrangement-project. Yesterday I cleaned the much neglected and overflowing-with-all-sorts-of-math-sewing-mail-and-messes-dining-room. It was a spur of the moment decision that hit me late afternoon. All of a sudden I decided I could not live another day with it being a federally declared disaster area. The little ones were gone and I was able to dig in and work quickly and efficiently. The big girls helped me and after many hours of work we finished! I still need to transfer books into the bookshelves, but for right now, I am declaring it finished…and spotless!



Wondering what that ginormous bin of golf balls is for? No, I don’t think they are cute decorations. That is the shelf I am going to keep my Math Alive! supplies on and those golf balls have been a big hit with my little mathematicians. We build pyramids with them and the kids all love it. Find yourself some golf balls and you will have kids (and adults) enthralled for hours!

Despite the freezing temperatures, we still have some remnants of fall in our yard. Here are the last of the leaves. They will all be coming down in the next day or so.

I am trying not to cry my eyes out about it. I love autumn. I am not ready for winter. I love my trees and how they surround our home and make us feel like we are in our own little secret world. Winter exposes us, freezes us, makes everything stark and bare. I am not ready to leave the coziness of fall for the rawness of winter.




Last night we had Dinner-In-a-Pumpkin!!! My favorite! The Lamoreaux family makes it for us the last week of October and we all love it. I have never made it and have no idea how, but if I can get the recipe from Tasha I will share it here.


Scrumptious looking, isn’t it? Trust me, it is!

Keziah let me braid her hair for the Primary Program on Sunday. She is a ponytail girl and hates me to even touch her thick tresses, so each time I get to braid it and make her look angelic, I have to snap a photo. Here she is all dolled up:




Today we are snuggling up under blankets and reading Rolf and the Viking Bow. We are on page fifty and need to finish by Tuesday, so we are hoping to read about 80 pages today. We will see how long my voice lasts!

I think that is all I need to catch you up on for now. Cleaning, freezing, eating, and braiding…these are the days of our lives…

p.s. Have you signed up for Make It For Maggie? It’s time to decide what classes you want and send in your check.

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  1. Katherine

    Wowzers! Your dining room looks amazing! I had to let the wheels spin in my head for a minute to figure out how it all was oriented. You need to share Tasha’s recipe. I’ve been wanting to do a dinner in a pumpkin for years.

  2. tracy

    Well, you know, I can’t clean without rearranging. Had to bring in two bookshelves from the hall that had gotten booted out of my room a few months ago, turned the table 90 degrees, moved the piano to the middle of the far wall, moved the magazine rack-turned bookshelf over by the front door, cleaned off the Usborne shelf, cleaned off the piano, cleaned off the table, moved the sewing table downstairs, cleaned off the window, cleaned off the floor, and then I was done!

    It even stayed clean all day today!

  3. Mom

    Keziah’s hair is gorgeous! You are so good at so many things! Your room looks great! Wish I had half your energy and enthusiasm!

  4. Anne

    I keep following the instructions. I scroll down here for a new post and where there isn’t one I just s.i.g.h.