snowed in…or is it out?

Nov 28, 2010

Our home feels so empty. After having guests all week long, six people just doesn’t seem like very much at all.

Our home was built by someone who wasn’t thinking about winter. They put a metal roof on top of this home. A metal roof with a steep slope. A metal roof with a steep slope that ends over the entire front of our home. A metal roof with a steep slope that ends over the entire front of our home without any dormers or slants to redirect the sliding avalanche of snow that occurs whenever the temperature gets close to 30 degrees.


This is what we came home to today after church. Tell me, please, how are we supposed to get in our front door? How are we supposed to get in the garage?

Well, we did what any tough, northern-climed family would do and climbed that nearly four foot wall of snow in our heels and skirts. Now there is a shoveling party going on to clear a path before it completely freezes into a gargantuan mound of solid ice for the rest of the winter. We like people to visit us and right now it is nearly impossible for others to reach us without some pick axes and climbing boots.

Anyone have any brilliant solutions for our ridiculous roof?

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  1. Anne

    I hope this isn’t mean but I’m so glad this didn’t happen until after we left. It’s such a pain to try to climb over and I’m always afraid it’s going to hit me in the head!

    • tracy

      Not mean at all! I’m glad it didn’t happen while you were here either!

      Richard could have used all the guys to help with shoveling though. It took him about three hours to dig a path out.