another shot at some eensy-weensy goals

Jan 4, 2015

It is a time of resolutions, is it not? People are choosing Word of the Year, setting new goals, and making changes in their lives.

I am not up to any big resolutions or even a small resolution. It feels simply overwhelming to think of making or committing to anything for the long-term.

But, the change of the years has hit me and I am succumbing in a few small things. Two years ago, we started setting four small goals every week during Family Council. It didn’t last long at all, because on January 8 of that year was the fateful day of the first passing out/shaking episode. Today, I decided to start the process again, so we all set our goals tonight and are going to endeavor to accomplish them.

Here are mine for the week:

Physical: Take my supplements every day.
Spiritual: Read To My Friends each morning after scripture study.
Academic: Read one chapter of Understanding the Times.
Random: Make bed every day.

One of my favorite goals set tonight was Annesley’s random goal. She decided she would play outside for 6 hours and 99 minutes this week. I almost said that was not an appropriate goal, but then I remembered reading about the 1000 Hours Outside project and decided to encourage her instead.

The other change I am implementing is to start a Bullet Journal in an attempt to organize my life in some small measure. My notebook isn’t here yet, so today I am starting it in a different notebook so I get in the practice of doing it. As soon as I have a few weeks under my belt I will share my thoughts about the system and let you know if I think you should run for the hills or give it a shot.

In other news, I attended church today for the first time in a month and it was especially sweet to partake of the sacrament and ponder the atonement. I don’t know what it is about church that sets my body off, but it continues to be a place of lots of POTS episodes despite my trying to do everything I can to prevent them. Today we had a few close calls of me almost crashing to the floor, but we made it through and tonight I am feeling pretty good.

Tomorrow we are starting back on our regular learning/living/cleaning/eating/sleeping schedule. It seems we have been quite derailed ever since my fall on the 7th – nothing has been happening on any sort of regular routine all month. So, as it is now nearly 10 p.m., I better hit the sack so I can be up for 6 a.m. scripture study.

What resolutions/goals/changes are you implementing?

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  1. Valena

    My beautiful friend, It was so lovely to visit with you last night! I love your idea of weekly goals. I think I might have to steal your idea — because then at the end of the year I might actually have accomplished some goals :)

    Let’s get together sometime soon. You inspire and encourage me to become more positive and diligent in all aspects of my life, and I am so grateful to know you.

    • tracy

      Valena, I love you! I don’t know how I could inspire anyone to be more diligent since I am SO NOT the poster child for diligence. Today I did have morning scriptures with my children (not a goal, more of a daily given, but I am giving myself kudos for it anyway because I did not sleep well at all and did not want to get out of bed this morning) and I did read 1.5 chapters of To My Friends by Jeffrey R. Holland. I did get my children registered for iFamily and I did read to Annesley. I also spent an insane amount of time ordering a knee brace. But that is all. I didn’t make my bed yet. I haven’t taken any supplements yet because my breakfast is still sitting in my lower esophagus, and I haven’t opened Understanding the Times. So, please know, I am a work in progress just like everyone else.

  2. Debbie

    I have a goal to actually finish the quilt I started making for my niece’s wedding about eight or ten plus years ago. She picked the fabric and design, but I am about 7 blocks short and I can’t match the fabric anymore.

    • tracy

      You should show it to Kat. She could help you figure out a lovely solution so you can get it finished.

  3. I found your blog via random blog-hopping early this morning because I am due to have a baby (#8) any minute and I can’t handle anything much more than random blog-hopping right now. Thanks for sharing your eensy-weensy goals. Everyone around me seems so organized and so goal-oriented, but I have 2 goals total right now:
    1. Have a baby.
    2. Don’t kill anyone while waiting.

    Once we all survive the waiting, birth, and recovery, perhaps I will set some eensy-weensy goals. :)

    • tracy

      SNORT! Those are praiseworthy goals. After they are accomplished I hope you will hop back here and stay awhile. Anyone who has had 8 babies and not killed someone is a person I can learn from .

    • Angie Murdock

      That is totally me right now. I’m 38 1/2 weeks pregnant and have been mentally ready to be done fore a couple of weeks. I don’t know what to do with myself. All I can think of is having this baby. It’s my 8th too. I’m actually sitting here with the breastpump going trying to get things to pick up as I read this blog. I hope you have this baby soon. Tracy, I think you are diligent at a lot of things including not giving up. You keep on going through such hard trials. It’s such an inspiration to me. I think that your hastening the healing goal is also good. It is ok to take time to rest and heal. I can also see that since you have always been such a “go getter” and such a social person, it would be very hard to sit at home every day. I’m glad you have such good friends and family to help you.


      • tracy

        Angie, I didn’t know you were pregnant and getting ready to welcome a new baby. Adopt Anne’s two goals as your own! I will be sending you some good birthing vibes!

        It is pretty hard to have my freedom so curtailed, but I am adjusting. I DID drive yesterday for the first time in over a month and it was a mistake. Hurt my knee enough to make me realize it is just not a good idea for me right now.

        I am incredibly blessed in the friends and family department!