blessings from on high

Sep 30, 2014

Family home evening last night was just the balm of Gilead I needed – Richard gave us all Father’s Blessings. And the...

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who am i and what am i doing i...

Sep 29, 2014

I’m living in several different realities right now. It is hard and painful and incredibly confusing to my psyche. In one, I...

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love makes the world go round

Sep 27, 2014

In the midst of all these bad dreams, pneumonia-laden lungs and a body full of faulty connective tissue, I am a mother. A mother of...

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Sep 26, 2014

Today on the way to gym, Annesley burst out with the declaration, “Mama, you are a hard woman.” I could barely contain my...

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1st day of counseling

Sep 25, 2014

Eeeek. Today is the day I go to counseling. I am nervous. This morning I tried to convince myself I didn’t need to go because I...

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seven weeks of sleeplessness

Sep 23, 2014

The last seven weeks I have been dealing with many sleepless nights and gut-wrenching dreams stemming from abuse situations in my...

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