thankful thursdays: 4/23

Apr 23, 2015

The MRI on my knee today went fairly well in that I didn’t freak out about being stuck in a tube and the loud noises...

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Apr 22, 2015

Blythe is playing the piano with passion and power, Keziah is throwing sticks to Charley in the yard, and I am reclining on my chaise...

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starting anew

Apr 19, 2015

The buds are coming out, the grass is greening up, the tulips are sprouting, and a tiny kitten was born this morning – spring is...

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lift up your heart, lift up yo...

Apr 5, 2015

It’s Easter night and my heart is full to bursting with joy and peace and love and gratitude. Tears of deep thanksgiving have...

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hope needed

Apr 1, 2015

“Jeremy, do you have any hope for me?” This was the question I should not have asked, should not have pushed him into the...

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three years of family history

Mar 29, 2015

Treasured days. Sacred days. This week is the 3rd year anniversary of the epic trip to Utah in the invalid mobile in which Kat and...

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