goodbye lina

Nov 20, 2014

Our oldest is an animal lover. She has rescued and tended animals since she was a wee lass. At the age of three she started rescuing...

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delightful moments

Nov 18, 2014

After a lazy day of puttering around the house, getting letters sent out for next month’s baptisms for church, working on a big...

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a moment of normal

Nov 13, 2014

Tonight I feel like a normal human being. A human being who doesn’t pass out, can walk through the grocery store, and walks at a...

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changed for good

Nov 11, 2014

Remember when I was preparing myself to receive an outpouring of love…boy howdy, did that love come! My dear friends, Tasha and...

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communing from bed

Nov 9, 2014

Another Sabbath spent in bed. Yesterday I had a really bad seizure/passing out/muscle cramping episode at the end of our monthly...

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time for some big-girl panties

Nov 6, 2014

My Jessica is moving. Today. The past many days have been spent packing her up and snuggling in bed laughing and crying as we savor...

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